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This track was built by Frans Schoeman, Vic Bester, Harry Arangies, Hans Andehaklie Lohram, Mel Lahner. It was purchased by Nino on 21st December 2009.
Track Future Header
The plan is to keep on improving the facility to a very high standard. To create a motor sport centre where various facet of motor sport can be practiced in one place for Cars, Bikes, motor cross, Go carts and single seater vehicles. Above all, the best trainer for children to learn and be trained.
About Midvaal Raceway/Nino
Nino Venturi lives for motor sport and has been involved in formula ford for the best part of 34 years. He has raced briefly with formula ford and has helped lots of youngsters to win National Championships and a few to go to race in England.

When the Opportunity arised to purchase Midvaal Raceway Nino sold all of his belongings to achieve this.

He then moved to the Midvaal Raceway track.
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